The best ice cream in Portland

Portland is a city that celebrates oddness. You will not be able to travel to the largest city in Oregon without hearing or reading the phrase “Keep Portland weird”. Experimentation and pure craziness are abundant in this place that hosts both a naked bike ride and a unicycler dressed in a Darth Vader mask while playing a bagpipe that is on fire (yes!). The love of the unconventional is also visible in food and dining, so it’s no surprise that the best ice cream place in Portland started out by experminenting with bone marrow ice cream.

Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw started out in 2011 and is now a must visit while in Portland. This small artisanal ice cream company now has three shops in Portland and is also present in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Outside the shops there are often long lines that go around the block.

The flavours range from Honey Lavender to Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper or Cinnamon Snickerdoodle. While standing in line it might be a little hard to decide among these unconventional flavours so the staff hands out samples of the ice cream so you can try them out.

I went with the safe bet and tried the delicious Chocolate Gooey Brownie.

Next time in Portland, be sure to check this place out.

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Salt & Straw: The best ice cream in Portland

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